Monday, July 3, 2017



This week we got to go on exchanges with the STLs and it was great! We tried out a lot of different 전도 because that's the hardest thing in Gangnam and we learned a lot of new things that we can try. We're super excited about it.

We've started eating lunch at the church...this is pretty typical.
On exchanges, we 전도'ed at Gangnam Square, the busiest place in all of Korea! We talked a lot in English because everyone we talked to was actually foreign. But it was great and some of them were very interested. Hopefully they'll look up the church back in the Netherlands.
Lunch with Sister Lee MeeOk
We also met with my companion's RC this week and she is so cute. After we ate lunch, she wanted to go 전도 with us so we gave her some pass along cards and she went on the street and just started trying to hand them out to people. We had actually planned a district stickerboarding activity and the other missionaries were still doing it so she got to join in and talk to people with us. She was so excited and said she could feel Jesus' love so strong! It just reminded me that missionary work can sometimes seem overwhelming but we're doing it because we love Jesus. And anyone can do missionary work!


토블러 자매

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