Sunday, July 16, 2017

예비 구도자 (Potential Investigators)

TRANSFER 4!! We're both staying in Gangnam one more transfer which was no surprise since they usually leave the people who open there for 2.

We have about 12 potential investigators and we were able to meet with one of them this past week, they're just not our investigator until we have a follow up appointment. Korea's a busy culture so we're still trying to set up appointments. There's not a lot else that happened this week and hopeful I'll be able to update you about all of our new investigators next week!

This last week I was studying the harmony of the gospels and something that stood out to me was that there are only 3 events in Christ's life that are recorded in all 4 gospels and other scripture. 2 of those events are parts of the Atonement, and the third is Christ's baptism. Those events are so important and are what we focus on as we teach. I know that Christ lived and died for us so we can follow His example!


토블러 자매

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