Sunday, July 30, 2017


안녕하세요 여러분!

This has been a great week and we're finally being able to set appointments with people! On Tuesday (which was super hot here), we planned 6 hours of 전도! We felt a little crazy but it ended up being super awesome and we met someone that we even met with!  We're not 100% sure why she wanted to meet with us because she seemed a little uncomfortable talking about religion, but she wants to meet again with her friend! We also introduced our 30/30 program to 2 people that have been attending English class so we're going to start that with both of them this week!
The Mac and Cheese was delicious. And we accidentally twinned.
When we got here, we had a huge list of LA address that we've been trying to confirm. This week we were also able to find one address that was actually right and got to share a message with her!
P-Day in Chinatown

Yesterday I was reading Helaman 5:12 and I forgot what a good verse that is. We were able to share it with some ward
members and talk about how we can build a sure foundation in Christ. It's definitely the small and simple things done over and over again that help  you to be anchored in Christ when temptations come.


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Sunday, July 23, 2017

The Rogue Transfer Call.

This last week was CRAZY. At the end of a transfer, we get calls on Saturday night and then we have until Wednesday morning when we met together and switch companions. As of Saturday (And when I emailed) I was staying in Gangnam with Sister Eversole. However, Tuesday morning at 9:00 we got a phone call from the AP's that our transfer call had switched and Sister Eversole was now going to Gimpo and Sister Hawkins (who was originally go
Our last day as companions
ing to Gimpo) was now coming to Gangnam. Which meant she had 24 hours to pack up all of her stuff and until we were no longer companions. Madness. And it was also Sister Eversole's birthday.
Walking down GangnamRo
However, it's great to be companions with Sister Hawkins and I'm excited to learn from her this next transfer! The Lord really does have a place for all of us even if we have to change our plans to match his.

"Helping" Sister Eversole pack
This week's been crazy but I'm excited to find out why Sister Hawkins is supposed to be here!


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This was how we thought it would be.

This is how we ended up.

Sunday, July 16, 2017

예비 구도자 (Potential Investigators)

TRANSFER 4!! We're both staying in Gangnam one more transfer which was no surprise since they usually leave the people who open there for 2.

We have about 12 potential investigators and we were able to meet with one of them this past week, they're just not our investigator until we have a follow up appointment. Korea's a busy culture so we're still trying to set up appointments. There's not a lot else that happened this week and hopeful I'll be able to update you about all of our new investigators next week!

This last week I was studying the harmony of the gospels and something that stood out to me was that there are only 3 events in Christ's life that are recorded in all 4 gospels and other scripture. 2 of those events are parts of the Atonement, and the third is Christ's baptism. Those events are so important and are what we focus on as we teach. I know that Christ lived and died for us so we can follow His example!


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Sunday, July 9, 2017

What's July 4th?

Every week's a good week to be a missionary!

This last week we got to celebrate the 4th of July from Korea and you could tell who the old missionaries are because when someone said July 4th, they asked why that day was special.
4th of July attire
We weren't able to meet with either of  our investigators this week so we did a lot of sticker boarding. We actually met someone with a ton of English interest who came to English class and a special music night we did with the Seocho ward. We're gonna try to introduce the gospel this week.

We also got a call from an unknown number who wants to do the 30/30 program! We think she saw our phone number on a banner so we're excited to meet her this week too. 
We attended a First Birthday celebration. Truly amazing!
This last week when we went to visit our investigator, we were actually at her house and she had forgotten about our appointment. But we went on a fun little adventure and got lost a couple of times, took some random buses, talked to super nice people, and made it back to the church in time for interviews. So while it was super hot and not what we had planned to do, it worked out perfectly and just like everything does in God's timing.
Umbrellas are a great invention. Too bad we didn't have one.
The church is true! Love you all!

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President and Sister Turner, Sis. Eversole and me at interviews.

Monday, July 3, 2017



This week we got to go on exchanges with the STLs and it was great! We tried out a lot of different 전도 because that's the hardest thing in Gangnam and we learned a lot of new things that we can try. We're super excited about it.

We've started eating lunch at the church...this is pretty typical.
On exchanges, we 전도'ed at Gangnam Square, the busiest place in all of Korea! We talked a lot in English because everyone we talked to was actually foreign. But it was great and some of them were very interested. Hopefully they'll look up the church back in the Netherlands.
Lunch with Sister Lee MeeOk
We also met with my companion's RC this week and she is so cute. After we ate lunch, she wanted to go 전도 with us so we gave her some pass along cards and she went on the street and just started trying to hand them out to people. We had actually planned a district stickerboarding activity and the other missionaries were still doing it so she got to join in and talk to people with us. She was so excited and said she could feel Jesus' love so strong! It just reminded me that missionary work can sometimes seem overwhelming but we're doing it because we love Jesus. And anyone can do missionary work!


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