Sunday, May 28, 2017

Seek, Not Strive

안녕하세요! (Good morning!)

This has been a good week! We got two new investigators and it was a miracle! While going home last week, my companion started a conversation with someone on the bus who was interested because we said we were missionaries and she thought missionaries were only old. So we got her phone number and we were able to meet with her this week. When we met her, she brought her friend too who just so happened to be someone that works at the same service center where we go every week! We didn't really try to teach her before because she had told us about the other church she attends and normally that turns into Bible bashing but when we met with them, we had an awesome discussion about how they want to find the true church. So we asked if we could meet again and tell them about our church!
Missionary Work is Hard Work
We have also 전도ed (proselyted) at the river path almost every day this week, and a lady stopped us and said she wanted to give us a present because she'd seen us talking with other people on the path! Dish scrubbers that she made herself! We tried to give her a Book of Mormon, but she wouldn't take it. But it showed me that as we're trying our hardest to talk to people, other people will notice, too.

Dish Scrubbers
Dish Scrubbers as Hats ;)
My last thought is something my companion said that really stuck out to me this week. She asked why the Lord wants us to seek instead of strive. That was something she thought a lot about and came to the conclusion that it's like our parents. Our parents can definitely ask us to do the dishes or clean or something and we can strive to be obedient. But ideally, we will become aware enough that we will no longer need to be asked to clean. We will seek to do things before because we know it's what we should do.

사랑해요! (I love you!)

토블러 자매

Sunday, May 21, 2017

A week full of 전도

This week we've done so much 전도. One day, we talked to two different grandmas and then while walking home, we ran into both of them again! Guess they really needed the gospel.
We got to go to the temple this week. My pictures are from that day.
We also met a college student that said we could share our message right then so we sat down and started talking to her. While we were sitting there, some man walked up and asked me where I was from and what school I was going to. He was doing some sort of live video broadcast so he would ask me questions and then translated my broken Korean into Chinese. Sort of odd. Maybe some Chinese people will learn about Jesus now.

With so much 전도, my companion decided to mix it up and 전도 like Elders. So she would walk up to people and start talking to them in English and I would translate into Korean. We started a lot of conversations but we're still working on finding new investigators.

We were visiting a LA member this week, and when we got to her apartment, you needed a code to get in. Which we didn't have. And she didn't answer her phone. So as we walked back out to the street contemplating what to do, another ward member walked out of the apartment! Her parents lived there and she knew which apartment the LA lived in which was amazing because we had the wrong #. Miracle!


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Bonus Pictures

Sarah and her companion were able to meet up with Bro. and Sis. Shin,
who own a home in her home ward. They live in Seoul.

Monday, May 8, 2017

Water to Tea??


This week has had its ups and downs but missionary work is always great! This week we turned on our air conditioning for the first time and the humidity is only going to get worse. It's great.
Open your mouth!
We 전도'ed a whole lot this week, including stickerboarding, bus and subway 전도, and even knocking doors! We knocked a whole 15 floor building, which was fun.
Me with my Korean snocone. I'll never eat an American snocone again.
(Nice photo bomber.)
We had mission tour this past week with Elder Yamashita and it was super great! On the subway there, we talked with a man about missionary work a little bit and he told me I look like Jesus. Then he offered us some weight loss tea samples and was even kind enough to put it straight into my water bottle for me. Elder Yamashita talked about how every rejection is a step closer to finding someone who's ready to hear the gospel. So we just need to be rejected more and faster.
Do I really look like Jesus?
My now useless water bottle. ;)
This week as I've been reading the New Testament, I was reading in John 5 and verse 6 really stood out to me where Jesus says "Wilt thou be made whole?" I think we know everything we need to do to be made whole and we know the faith it takes. But even after that, we still must make a choice to act on that. At mission conference, Sister Turner really emphasized that. Even after we learn all that we need, it does us no good if we don't act on it.
"Thanks for the banana bread recipe, Mom." ;)
Love you all! Remember to act on what you know!

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