Monday, February 27, 2017

Hello! . . . Week 7

여러분 (Everyone):

This week was crazy! Time is flying here at the good ol' MTC. We've started doing 24 hour English fasts which are hard but so good! We've been working with Kim 자매님 (Sister) about forgiving herself and why church is important. This week she finally committed to go to church and we were so pumped!

We also had 4 new native Sisters come this week. We're flying to Korea with them. I can't believe we're so close!

We also got 4M investigators this week. We initially planned on teaching the first half of The Restoration but we got to where we'd planned and we still had 10 minutes left so Warner 자매님 (Sister) looked at me and said "Want to teach about the Apostasy?" So we did! Without prepping, we went through the whole Restoration.

One of our teachers was gone this week so we taught our sub as a less-active member. We just testified of The Book of Mormon and it was awesome. So much awesome. We also did our first ever Skype TRC lesson! Ideally they try to have us speak with a native. However, we had a great lesson with Brother Johnson in Alpine, Utah. Sister Warner picked a scripture to share with him and it was revelation! She had him read the scripture and he told us that he'd just written a 3 page paper on that very scripture! So cool! I also successfully read some of President Monson's conference talk. In Korean. We also set a baptismal date with 최 형제님 (Brother Choi)!!

We got our 한국말 (Korean) nametags! Except we're only supposed to wear them in the classroom. But they're pretty cool and we like to call them our swag tags. I was asked to be the branch music coordinator last week so Sunday was a learning experience. We started singing "We are all Enlisted" and within 5 words I leaned over to Sister Warner and said "친차 나쁜 성택" Which means "Super bad choice" We senior districts were floundering to keep up and we read the best. Those poor brand new districts couldn't keep up. Definitely will not choose a song that fast in the future.

The story behind the title: Around week 3, language learners begin a slow descent into madness. Once you hit week 5, you're completely insane. We've now been here 7 weeks so as Sister Davis was rolling down the hall the other day, some other sisters gave us weird looks. Pari 지매님 (Sister) waved and said "Hello!" And then kind of pointing to Sister Davis "Week 7" So now, when we do something weird, we just say, "Hello!... Week 7"

We are the Fourth Floor, Last Door!
Life is just dandy! I love reading everyone's emails but I don't always have time to respond! So sorry! Love you all!

토블러 자매
Thanks to Sis. Pam Lee for this picture.

Monday, February 20, 2017

"Not praying makes us to sadly"

 Dearest 여러분:
Shout out to my mother! It's her birthday this week! 🎉

It has been a great week! We've had a lot of good days and funny language mistakes. At TRC this past week, our member asked Sis. Warner how she was. Except Sis Warner zoned out for just a bit and heard "Where are you from?" She just responded with, "California." When the investigator just looked at her, she glanced at me and I just whispered, "How are you?"

For devotional this past week, Elder Ballard came and spoke to us! He talked about having a good attitude and setting goals. The cool thing was that it was broadcast to several MTCs live, including the Argentina one! So I got to watch it with Hermana Kelson, even though she's on another continent. We think a member of the Twelve comes on the 2nd Tuesday of every month so we missed it by one day when we got here and we'll miss it by one day when we leave.
The best part of this picture: Sis. Warner. Yes, we get along fabulously!
In one of our lessons this past week, our investigator brought up some concerns about the doctrine of Christ. We'd initially planned on discussing the last half of the Plan of Salvation but then thought he might have some concerns about that so we were ready to change plans if need be. During the lesson though, there was some confusion about whether I said we were going to talk about that today or whether Sis Warner heard we were going to talk about it tomorrow. Both of us were very confused. Needless to say, we did not discuss the doctrine of Christ.
My district with the senior district
We also got to go proselyting this week! You may be thinking, "Where did you find people to teach in Korean?" We went outside with the Native district and practiced so that we could practice Korean and they could practice teaching simply. Because that is all we can do. Our teacher was very worried that we would compare our Korean to them. However, we felt super empowered realizing that we really could do it!
Cutest Korean Sisters there ever were
On that note, this week while practicing, Sis. Warner asked me how I was doing. Instead of responding that I'm doing good, I responded with, "Goodnight!" To be fair, they start with the same syllable. So it wasn't that bad of a mistake.

Our title this week comes from Brother Jung, our teacher. For anyone learning a language, you know that direct translation doesn't work out that well. We started with a normal sentence in English but as he was writing it, he changed the sentence to match what we wrote. Which is not a normal sentence in English.
Our teacher is in the Korean pamphlet! He's famous! He's the one in the teal shirt.
As of this morning, we have become one of the senior districts. About 20 missionaries left for Daejeon and Busan. We get 10 more missionaries on Wednesday so our zone will only be about 35 people. On Wednesday though, we get 4 native Sisters and we'll fly to Seoul South with 2 of them! Only 3 weeks to go![?]
My district with the senior district


Tobler 자매
Our weekly temple picture

Monday, February 13, 2017

Dearest 여러분

Dearest 여러분:

Sister Tobler and Sister Davis
Much love to all of you. The days here seem to last forever but the weeks fly by. And when I get to Monday, I don't even remember what I've done this week!

MTC Zone
A week from today, the Senior district will be flying out. Which means that we will be the Senior district! We fly out 4 weeks from today. Which is crazy! I'm trying to soak in all the Korean I can but I know it will still be a few months before I'm confident in Korea.

Learning Korean

This past week we learned testimony form! Almost 5 weeks here before we could correctly bear our testimonies. It's because it's in present progressive form which is kind of weird. But since then, we bear our testimonies 항상. 

There's not a whole lot to say this week. Everyday I can see progress in my Korean though and I get more and more excited to go there. 사랑합니다!!

Tobler 자매


I always put my head on Perlawan 자매님's shoulder because she's so short.

 Here's she's trying to put her head on my shoulder.

Sis. Davis and I got matching socks from Sis. Warner's mom.
So, a matching picture was in order.

Monday, February 6, 2017

"Look at us. Saving the world and it isn't even 8:00 yet"


(Good Morning!!)
Sister Warner and I
So much has happened and nothing at all! Our zone doubled this week! We went from 23 missionaries to 46!! It's mostly Sisters which makes life in the residence a party 항상 (always). I got to host one of the new sisters so she got a little bit of a head start on the 한극말 (Korean). But not that much.
MTC Zone
The other day we got a sack breakfast and when Perlawan 자매님 went to eat her boiled eggs there was a surprise! It wasn't boiled. We thought it might have been a fluke. But all three eggs in our room were raw. Also my orange juice hadn't been properly factory sealed. So we've had better breakfasts. We went and let them know all the eggs were raw. Warner 자매님 and I felt like we were saving the world. Or at least the MTC. 

The 한극말 (Korean) is coming along! Our lessons are entirely in sentences now! We probably mess up subject markers or conjugate slightly wrong, but it's crazy to think how far we've come. We've learned 4 or 5 different ways to conjugate but 4 weeks into Spanish I'm not sure that we'd even learned how to conjugate at all.
The high temperature today was 49 degrees.
That means no coat, right?
In one of our last lessons, I was trying to explain that the priesthood is God's authority(관능). However, I forgot the word for authority so I just made up a word and said 관세. Our investigator nodded like he understood but I didn't know what I'd just told him. Turns out I'd said that the priesthood is God's power. Which is also true.

It's always a party with licorice, right?
Also in funny language mistakes: Luce 장로님 told a member that God loves death. Warner 자매님 and I weren't sure how to ask what someone's family was like so we asked if their families existed. Good news: their families existed.

Everyday here is a party! I love getting your letters!

사랑함니다!! (I love you!!)
Tobler 자매
I'm a little spoiled that my grandparents teach here.