Sunday, July 9, 2017

What's July 4th?

Every week's a good week to be a missionary!

This last week we got to celebrate the 4th of July from Korea and you could tell who the old missionaries are because when someone said July 4th, they asked why that day was special.
4th of July attire
We weren't able to meet with either of  our investigators this week so we did a lot of sticker boarding. We actually met someone with a ton of English interest who came to English class and a special music night we did with the Seocho ward. We're gonna try to introduce the gospel this week.

We also got a call from an unknown number who wants to do the 30/30 program! We think she saw our phone number on a banner so we're excited to meet her this week too. 
We attended a First Birthday celebration. Truly amazing!
This last week when we went to visit our investigator, we were actually at her house and she had forgotten about our appointment. But we went on a fun little adventure and got lost a couple of times, took some random buses, talked to super nice people, and made it back to the church in time for interviews. So while it was super hot and not what we had planned to do, it worked out perfectly and just like everything does in God's timing.
Umbrellas are a great invention. Too bad we didn't have one.
The church is true! Love you all!

토블러 자매
President and Sister Turner, Sis. Eversole and me at interviews.

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