Sunday, June 18, 2017

More Missionary Work! Now, if only we knew where we were. ;)

This week has been crazy. Everyday we are working so hard and everyday there's more missionary work to do. I love it.

This week we finally got an area map. Sort of. Because our area is combining in August, President didn't want to buy a map until then. But we have no idea where we are. So one of the missionaries suggested going to the GuCheon which is like a city office. When we got there though, they had maps organized by dong (Which is kind of like New York City and how it has smaller areas like the Bronx/Manhattan sorta thing) Except our area has 22 dongs. So we just casually took 20 maps and carried them around all day. No big deal.
Our 20 maps

Cut and Paste-Retro Fashion
The maps are all super big so we couldn't connect them all. Our room is mostly map now.
More map. There's 4 sections still not on the wall.
We also got 2 investigators this week! One of our investigators is a grandma that we're doing the English program with. But she's also super prepared. To start the gospel lesson, we asked her if she attended church a lot. And she just started bearing testimony about how God loves all of us and we're all his children and pretty much just everything we believe. We just gotta teach her about the restoration now.
This is where we keep all our things. We have so many records we're trying to sort through and they're all out of date.
Our other investigator is someone the Elders have been teaching but are referring over to us because it's just easier for us to teach Sisters. She has so much real intent!! We teach her in English which is super fun and we met with the Elders to finish up teaching the Restoration/take over teaching her and she just told us about how she wants to know it's true like we do and all four of us got to share our first time really knowing it was true and reading the Book of Mormon and she's super excited to read it herself.

The Book of Mormon is true and you can find guidance for yourself when you read it!


토블러 자매
(An MTC picture--but she didn't send any of her this week.)

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