Sunday, October 15, 2017

침례!!! (Baptism!!!)

What a crazy week! This week was transfers so we got to say goodbye to Sister Ambrose who went home to England. But I'm staying with Sister Beyer for another transfer until she goes home so it's gonna be great! I reached my 9 month mark last week and to celebrate, we went and ate Kimchi soup with the other Sisters because it was also Sister Pari's 9 month mark. Kinda crazy.

이유진 LeeYooJin
This week we tried to visit a less active member but they weren't home. But on the way, we were walking down the street and some man stopped us and asked if we were missionaries. We told him we were and he wanted to know why we were in Korea-- Not why we were doing missionary work but why we had come to a country where there are so many churches and people teaching about their churches and some places don't even know about God. But I was able to tell him that we believe in living prophets so I didn't pick where I went. But I know that we have a prophet and he acts for God today. And invited him to read about the Restoration. Because I know it's true!

We also were able to meet with 허미화(HeoMiHwa) yesterday because she's finally back from Thailand! And we were able to give her a baptismal date! She's got a lot to learn still but when we met her, we asked her what she thought about something and she responds that she doesn't want to get baptized this month because she's really busy but she said she wants to get baptized in November!!!!! So we're going to help her get ready and be baptized just before Sister Beyer leaves!!  She's so great and we love her so much!! Also the other Sister's investigator has a baptismal date! And we were able to go to an 8 year old's baptism right after church yesterday!!!


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Harvesting Sweet Potatoes
The Harvest

They had to be moved (Trip #78570)

Taking rides . . .

"and here's where you get out"

Monday, October 9, 2017

추석 (ChuSeok-- Korean Thanksgiving!)

Well this week was pretty crazy because it's been Korean Thanksgiving, which is the biggest holiday here. It's a 10 day celebration and is pretty much the only break Koreans have. So we went from one meal appointment to another and also to zone conference. It's been really busy.

Chuseok, the Fall Harvest Festival in Asia
We had a miracle this week where the Elders called and asked if we could be at the church in 15 minutes because they'd met someone who wanted to learn about our church and get a tour. So of course we rearranged our schedule a bit and ended up teaching the Restoration to her and her friend, as well as giving them a tour of the church. They said they'd come to church next week so we're excited to see if that works out because we only got one of their numbers.
Chuseok, the Fall Harvest Festival in Asia
We also were able to meet 이유진 (LeeYuJin) who is kind of our investigator but she can't meet very frequently. Maybe once every 5 weeks or so. But we were able to talk about the importance of our families and how we can be with them forever through the temple! When she learned the Plan of Salvation before she thought it was kind of weird but when she understood that she could be with her family forever, she liked it a lot more.

I also got to watch Conference yesterday and it was so great! Between last conference and this conference, I've made an effort to review the talks and it made me a lot more excited for this time. The thing that stood out to me was the amount of talks based on President Monson's talk from last conference. The Book of Mormon really is the keystone of our religion and I especially liked that President Nelson took his "challenge," because when I first heard President Monson speak, I hadn't thought of it as a challenge. But as a missionary, one of our biggest responsibilities is to invite/give commitments. And the prophets and apostles follow that same pattern. So as I review this conference, I'm going to look for commitments and strive to keep them.

Our WML 최정훈 (ChoiJungHun) and his wife 김지은 (KimJiEun)


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Chuseok, the Fall Harvest Festival in Asia

Sunday, October 1, 2017

Conference Prep

This has been a good week! This week we were only able to meet one of our investigators because our other consistent investigator went to Thailand for 10 days. But she's so cute! Last time we met, we were mostly asking about her religious background/beliefs and at the end she asked what was different about our church. So we very simply taught the restoration. Then when we met her again, we fully taught the Restoration. She thought it was interesting/kind of weird. But we went told her about how she can ask God for answers to questions, she loved it! She said she'd pray more diligently from now on! And she had such good questions! We're really excited to keep teaching her.

We haven't watched conference yet here because of the time difference and translation. But I'm so excited to watch it next week! The interesting thing about it is that we have fast Sunday here before we have conference. Which I really like because I feel like I'm able to prepare better for conference and think about it more. I love that we have living prophets to help us in all that we do and I know that as I've made an extra effort to review since April, it's blessed me.

사랑해요! Keep doing good things!

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Sunday, September 24, 2017

Another flyer--the week, that is

This week just flew by! We were only able to meet with 2 of our investigators so we're working hard to find some more people.

We had interviews this last week and they were great! I love getting a little pep talk from the mission president and always talking about what I can be doing better. Because we can all always improve. After interviews, we took the mission president's wife, Sister Turner, on exchanges with us for a little bit. Both of our appointments cancelled that night, so we tried to visit a member. But when we got to the apartment, there were only 11 floors and she lived on the 14th? We're not really sure what was going on there...

We also had a 전도 activity with some members in the ward! They wanted to try out Jehovah's Witness way of 전도. I'm not sure how they 전도 in other places, but here in Korea, they just set up a display and stand there. No talking to anyone unless they're approached. So we set up our display, but as much as God wants us to act in faith, the main part of that is acting. So we tried to talk to everyone that walked past. It was almost like sticker boarding. Without the stickers. And it went so much better than we thought it would.

Our investigator, 허미화, has also started to talk about baptism! She wants to become a member of our church and she was even able to attend a baptism in another ward yesterday! She's learning and progressing and she's definitely become more happy because of the what she's learned! She's still got a lot to learn but she's so great!

I know this church is true and that through Christ we can be soooo so so so HAPPY! We just have to act!


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Sunday, September 17, 2017

Wow! This week flew...

Wow. This week flew by but I feel like I don't have a lot to report on.

We had zone conference where we got to talk about becoming more sanctified and consecrated missionaries. It was super great and I'm excited to work on that! After zone conference we had a two zone 전도 activity and President and Sister Tuner even came! It was great! We had some stickerboarding and other things going on and got to talk to a lot of people and have a lot of fun.

The sisters in the Korea Seoul South Mission
While stickerboarding, I also had the chance to interact some more with some new missionaries that have been in Korea for just 3 weeks. It made me realize how far I've come (at least language wise) It was also a little bit scary because they kept telling people that tried to talk to them that they couldn't speak Korean and directed them to me. But despite not being able to speak the language as well, they didn't let that stop them from anything. The Lord needs us to do what we can, even if it's just giving out stickers.

We met our investigator 허청나 and she's great! She comes to English class but we haven't been able to teach her an actual lesson since I came to Bucheon. We decided to share the story of Moses and the brass serpent in order to introduce the gospel of Jesus Christ and how it's simple steps that help us look to Christ. When we asked her how the story could apply to her, she shared that when we have belief it's easier to do the little things, like coming to church. And then invited herself to church! The lesson went super well and even though she didn't come to church, she's definitely progressing and working to apply the scriptures to herself-- something she said she wants to be better at.
Just some random street graffiti

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Sunday, September 10, 2017

A Lot of Cancelled Appointments . . .

Despite the title, this was a good week! We originally started with a lot of appointments planned but they just seemed to keep falling through the day of. Which is disappointing but we're still going to keep trying to meet with them.

Our District
We were able to meet 유혜원, our investigator that we're doing the 30/30 program with. She passed her English test so that she can do an internship in Australia and she's said that she wants to study at BYU! We're not exactly sure why though... But she's progressing!  We just need to help her come to church because she has work right now.

The "Traditional Korean Portrait"
We also met 허미화! Last time we met her, she told us she's not sure she believes in God. Which was kind of surprising to us. So we've just been thinking about how to help her because I believe she really does believe in God, she just doesn't know it yet. So we met her and she taught us how to make 떡볶이 (a soup thing with rice cakes) and we taught her the gospel of Jesus Christ lesson and how she really can be happy just through 5 steps and she committed to pray, repent, and come to church!

Ran into the Elder's investigator. He wanted to buy us drinks. Don't worry, it's not alcoholic.
This week my companion and I met with a member and as we contemplated what message to share, we each picked the same verse. Without  talking about it. Or ever having met this member before. By small and simple things are great things brought to pass. I've come to see that a lot this week that as we do small things, we may not see results immediately but they will come!

I accidentally made a Filipino dish...


코블러 자매
My bacon cheeseburger.

Sunday, September 3, 2017


This week I went to Bucheon and it's so different from Gangnam and Ansan! It's pretty countryside and a majority of the 전도 we do is on the bus-- which is a first for me. I'm going to figure out how to do it well this transfer though.

A member invited us to eat because of all the new missionaries.
The girl with blue hair is the other Sisters' investigator.
We also have a bunch of investigators that I've gotten to meet this week which has been odd since I've only opened areas my entire mission.  Our first investigator is someone named Ricqui and she's interested because all the missionaries she's ever met are just so happy! She wants to be happy in life and I know it's 100% through Jesus Christ that we can be happy.

Our first meal as a house.
We also have another investigator that we're doing the 30/30 program with and her name is 유혜원. She wants to learn English to study in America, but when we met her it was 30 minutes of English and then an hour of Gospel Study because she had a ton of questions about The Plan of Salvation.  Which is great. I love when they are equally interested.

We have a couple other investigators that I'll be able to tell about next week after we teach lessons and a few potential investigators including one from Vietnam! We met her at a convenience store so we'll try to meet her this week. 

My new room.
Anywho, I'm still adjusting to Bucheon but something I've really come to appreciate on my mission is the Sacrament! No matter where you are or if you just went from the busiest part of Korea to the countryside or you have a crazy week in front of you or any time at all, the sacrament is always the same everywhere in the world!

The church is so true! Love you all! 사랑해요!

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