Sunday, January 14, 2018

One Year Anniversary!

This week feels like it's been pretty slow but it's been a little bit of prep for the Lord to hasten His work! We were able to attend MLC (where all the mission leadership meets together) and receive a lot of training, especially about using Social Media in our missionary work. This week our entire mission will receive access to Facebook, Kakao Talk, and Area Book Planner. We're really excited for the big change! To prepare though, we've been spending a lot of time figuring out how the area book app works and getting things set up to work more effectively. We've already seen some cool miracles!! I was a little hesitant about getting these things as I wasn't sure why we needed a new texting app, but within hours of downloading it, people that haven't responded in months have started to message us and we may be able to teach them again!

Intense cookie making
We tried to introduce our investigators to some members because we know they'll love church if they can just get there, but the member got sick and their mom ended up not being home so we weren't able to teach them. We're going to try again this week though.

One Year!
This week I also reached a milestone: 1 year since I started my mission! It's been the greatest year and I've been thinking about how grateful I am for the opportunity to be in South Korea and to do the Lord's work. It hasn't been the easiest year, but it probably has been the most rewarding year. I learned a whole lot of things-- I don't even know where to start! What I do know is that the church is true and if you truly apply the doctrine, it will change your life!


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Sunday, January 7, 2018

Good week!

This has been a good week! We had a few miracles this week including but not limited to:

We decided to go visit a member as we 전도ed however, when we got there, we couldn't find her house anywhere. We found the apartment, but not the right building, so my companion suggested we 전도 in the area. I was a little worried because there didn't seem to be people, but we were able to meet Jenny-- who speaks English, Chinese, and Korean. She was excited to meet American Christian Sisters and we connected over our love of Marvel Movies.

Board Game Cafe for P-Day
We took a bus to stop by some LA's but missed our bus stop and went to the end of the line--and it was about an hour and a half. However, thanks to our mobile devices, we were able to confirm that we were still in our area and we were able to talk to a man that had taken the wrong bus and met some people from Nigeria that were interested in coming to church!

Long bus ride--but worth it!
We taught our investigators about baptism and they LOVED it. We showed them a video of Christ being baptized and once we explained what baptism is, they said they wanted to be baptized! However, because they're 11 and 13, their mom doesn't really want them travelling across the city to go to church or things so we're having a hard time there because she's also Buddhist. Pray that they'll be able to come to church!

호떡 HoDdeok-- scones with cinnamon on the inside
Like everyone else, I've been able to reflect on President Monson's example the past few days and especially his example of ministering to the one. I know that's what the Savior did and I've been able to feel that this past week as we've focused on making meaningful contacts. I really have been able to feel the Savior's love more strongly, even for people I've just met. The church is true! Have a great week!

Eating cake after a successful TIP evaluation.

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Monday, January 1, 2018

Happy New Year! 새해 복 많이 받으세요!

This week has been super busy but there's not a lot to report on-- We had a Christmas conference, P-day, a training follow-up meeting, special Mission leadership council, and language evaluations with all the Sisters in our zone. It's been really good to get training about how to better teach, help others, and we're starting to receive technology training to help make missionary work more effective!

Early morning New Year's Day hike
We were able to meet some potential investigators and one even came to church yesterday! We also had some Mongolian members show up at church yesterday who didn't know any Korean or English but we had a cool miracle a transfer or two ago where we met a Mongolian member and were able to give them her phone number to try and help them out.

We've just been so busy lately, but as the year ends I've been able to reflect on my goals and what I've done this past year. I've been so blessed to be able to spend almost all of 2017 as a missionary and have the opportunity to tell people about our Savior and the happiness that He holds! I know this church is true and the Book of Mormon is the word of God! They really are gifts from God and as we use them, we can be so blessed!


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Sunrise on New Year's Day

Monday, December 25, 2017

Merry Christmas!!! 크리스마스 잘보내세요~~

What a week! Time is flying especially with end of transfer craziness. We've had a good week and got to go on exchanges twice this week which was full of appointments and a 전도 activity with another zone as well where we got to sing and stickerboard.

All the missionaries we came to Korea with+the ones we will be finishing with.
I don't have a lot to report on other than I love Christmas! I love how easy it is to talk to people and how happy everyone is-- myself included. We've seen a lot of "Christmas miracles"--more than I've said that phrase! We've met some really nice people, including some people from another church that were about to knock on doors and talk to people but helped us out with maps and some prepared people in a little hot dog shop. I've mostly just loved how we can focus so much on the Savior and what He did because He really did suffer just for us and we can be completely happy through Him!

Zone Activity while on splits


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황현선 HwangHyeonSeon. She took us out for fish and crabs but also gave us peanut butter and Krispy Kreme.

Sunday, December 17, 2017

Time is flying!

Time is flying! We seem to have so many appointments with investigators, less actives, and members that it never seems to stop! It started snowing today and it looks like this time it's going to stick until Christmas.

It's Snowing!
We were able to meet a new investigator- 정배견. We're doing the family English program with  her and she seems to be mostly interested in English. However, she just moved to Bucheon about a month ago so when we set up the appointment, she said to meet at JungDong Subway Station. We got there and have no idea what she looks like so we're just waiting for some Korean to come tell us she wants to learn English and she texts that she's gonna be late. After about half an hour she calls us and says she's there and where are we. Turns out she meant ShinJungDong but she doesn't know the area super well. And all the buses between there weren't working. So we ended up walking and it was a little comical.

Nativity at the church
Our other investigators are progressing! We're doing the English program with them too, but when we met last time, they wanted to start with Joseph Smith because they'd read the pamphlet and wanted to talk about it! We were excited to teach them and invited them to church, especially because it will be Christmas Eve.
Visiting the less active members with stars.
A lot of people here don't celebrate Christmas but Sister Turner shared an idea of sharing stars so we've started to do that this week. And everyone has loved it! People on the street, less actives, and members--we've been able to see so many people be so joyful when we share a Christmas star, but it really is a sign of something else--Jesus Christ, who's the light of the world! Through him, we can find ultimate happiness.


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Sunday, December 10, 2017

Nativity Lighting and 예비 구도자!~

The weeks just keep flying! This week's been full of a lot of travelling, including going to Siheung to meet a former investigator who reads the Book of Mormon--and our Relief Society president even sends her the Liahona every month! She has a lot of questions and really wants to learn for herself but her problem is that she wants to do everything perfectly-- she wants to be perfectly prepared for baptism and to perfectly know all the answers. So we were able to bear testimony that she doesn't have to be perfect, she just has to be trying her best and Heavenly  Father and Christ will help to make up the difference.

We had the lighting ceremony for the nativity this week and we're so excited to keep doing it until Christmas. The members invited a lot of friends and even people off the street have just been coming to see what we're about. It's a great missionary opportunity and the members are getting involved. In fact, we had 3 potential investigators come to church yesterday! One was a member's daughter and granddaughter and another was someone that looked up our church and came! We were also trying to help a less active member that day and I was so grateful for members that help out with missionary work who were able to talk to them, invite them to sit by them, and introduce them to the missionaries after Sacrament meeting. We hope to be able to meet them this week and begin to teach them!

This week we've seen a lot of small miracles--particularly in the buses. Several times this week we've been running a little late and when we get to the bus stop, the screen tells us we're going to be really late. Even though it seems really small, I've started to say a little prayer that we'll be on time and able to do what we need to and it really works! It's just been a neat little experience, particularly because I've never been senior before, I've never had to be in charge of travel time. Small miracles. :)

The church is true! The Savior loves you! I invite you to go check out the video a day thing the church is doing!


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Sister Parry's first 돈까스 DonKkaSu. It actually wasn't super great here but she liked it.

Sunday, December 3, 2017

Choose to Act!

We've had a crazy week, but it's been good! Our ward continues to work on the nativity, which we are supposed to be lighting this weekend. Because of that, we're working hard to prepare some songs, which the missionaries will sing. People walking down the street have shown a lot of interest in it so we're excited to see how it goes once we've actually finished it and are using it to introduce people to the church.

Our Nativity
We were also able to meet some new investigators this week! They're about 95% "English interest," but we've been able to meet their family together with them so I think it will be really good anyway. It's two daughters that are learning English and because we meet at their home, the mom is also there. We invited them to the Nativity lighting and they seemed really excited to go!

Our nontraditional Thanksgiving Feast

This week I've been thinking a lot about our investigators that have so much potential. One of our investigators hasn't responded for almost a week now and we haven't met in several weeks so it's looking like we may have to drop her. But when we met her, she had such good questions! We also have two other people that know the church is true! They've read the Book of Mormon and believe all that they've been taught but they don't come to church and they can't bring themselves to act. Act is a big word that Sister Turner's been focusing on lately, which is critical for investigators, but also for us. If we don't continue to do what we know and believe, then we will lose our testimonies and acting will only become harder. So remember that and choose to act!

Sis. Parry's first taste of the little fish bread.

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