Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Feeling the Spirit

First of all, gotta give a little shout out to Jacob who got his mission call! Super excited for him! (He's going to the Washington Tacoma Mission, Spanish speaking.)

This last week we were finally able to start recent convert lessons with Sister KimNa which were great. She recently got a new job which makes meeting her a little bit harder but she's doing great. We taught her the Restoration and watched the Joseph Smith video which she really liked. Every time I watch that video, I'm reminded of my testimony of Joseph Smith.

We had a really cool experience with another recent convert this week. We ate dinner with her and another member and we were thinking about what message we should share to help her. We discussed it for quite a while and finally decided to share about patriarchal blessings and the Liahona. Halfway through the meal, she stops and and says "Lately I've been thinking about Patriarchal blessings. How do I get one?" It truly was the spirit guiding that message because there's no way we could have picked something so perfect for her.

We've been pretty busy this week preparing for a giant service project this week. At the Olympics, people that visited made letters to themselves about how they would serve this year. As part of it, we got to deliver their letters to them again and invite them to a service project. It was so fun to see their reactions as they read their own letter again. Service truly does bring the spirit! While we were visiting, we also ran into a man that's getting baptized next month-- in Canada.

We also had the chance to teach our Gospel English class this week which is one of my favorite things to do and we only get to do it about every 6 weeks. We shared about temples and family history and it was so fun to see them get so excited about family history. I even showed them my family tree and they loved that you can see pictures and stories.

There are so many ways that we can feel the influence of the spirit! Don't forget to look for it!


토블러 자매

Monday, May 14, 2018

Happy Mother's Day!

Happy Mother's Day! We had a great mother's day with our mission mother, Sister Turner and also Elder Renlund! We had a super great conference with both Elder Renlund and the Area Authority, Elder Choi, learned a whole lot, and are even more excited to get back to working harder than ever.

백수미 BaekSuMi--We met her when we went back to Bucheon.
Last week we had family home evening and it turned out great! Sister KimNa came, 2 other recent converts, and some members. The Elders taught about the Book of Mormon and then we tried applying it to ourselves and drawing pictures. Turns out that Sister KimNa has a secret talent of art. We had a super fun time.

Elder Campbell Elder KangMin 염종환 YeomJongHwan
김나 KimNa 오미경 OhMiGyeong Sister Morgan
Story of Ammon
김경아 KimGyeongAh. We drew Samuel the Lamanite.
We did a lot of 전도 this week and have been pushing ourselves to talk to more people. And we've seen so many miracles. Sister Morgan met someone while stickerboarding that asked if he could come to church and when we texted him the church address, also asked if he could bring his friend! Because of our meeting with Elder Renlund, we weren't able to go but he said he'd go next week. So we're excited for that.

We found Jamba Juice!
Sister KimNa also gave a talk in church yesterday and she did so good! Sister Morgan and I felt like her mother a little bit and were so proud of her because we've been able to witness her progression first hand. She bore her testimony about the happiness she's found and about eternal families. We're so excited for her to keep progressing inside the gospel!

Sister Pari, 이혜원 LeeHyeWon and Me
In other news, our investigators haven't been responding lately so we're continuing to look for new people. Missionary work is great though and is the happiest work!


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Sunday, May 6, 2018

Happy, happy, happy!

This week has been, as always, super busy! It rained about half of the week so we didn't go outside as much as normal but we still were able to 전도 a lot!

Sister Pari came this week and she's doing super great absorbing all of the information Sister Morgan and I throw at her. Perks of having 3 areas. It's super fun though and it's been a blast. We're working hard at talking to everyone and we were able to talk to double the amount of people we normally do, despite not being outside as much.

We also got to take a field trip to Incheon with the Gangnam 1st ward! They had an all day long picnic involving rented buses, a ferry, and so much meat. We had a great time bonding with the ward and also getting to know their non member friends that they brought along that were okay to meet again! We're excited to keep working with them because member missionary work is the best missionary work. ^^

Sister KimNa received the gift of the Holy Ghost yesterday and continues to grow! She loves reading conference talks on her phone and the ward Sisters are involving her in everything they do. The gospel really is the way to be happy! Missionary work is the happiest work because that's what God wants for us!


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Sunday, April 29, 2018

Final Transfer Call

This has been a great week, concluding with Sister KimNa's baptism!! We were able to visit some members and still get in 전도 (proselyting)! To start the week off, we were able to make our weekly visit to 이명자's and take her to the hospital. Sister Morgan's mom sent us a CD of Korean hymns for her and it was like Christmas. She's called us a few times afterwards to say thank you again and she's so cute!

We received a less active list for the YSA ward which finally gave us some direction and we were able to start working with them. We had good conversations with a lot of them.

Sister Morgan said I talked in my sleep the other day. I kept saying "같이 가요," which means, "Let's go together" This was a big milestone in several ways:
  1. My brain is stuck in Korean.
  2. I've never talked in my sleep before.
  3. I've had a companion long enough that I can't do things alone anymore.
I also got to go on exchanges with Sister Peterson where we ran into a member from another missionary's hometown who's waiting for her call. I've only taken that specific subway line twice but both times I've run into a member like that and it's been cool!

We had a zone language study activity this week that was the first time I've ever tried that. We got to learn a lot of phrases like "Kill two birds with one stone" and "drop off the face of the earth" Another member that leaves on her mission next week came and we were able to practice some English with her-- she wants to practice so she'll be able to communicate with other missionaries really well. She's going to be so great on her mission.

We finished lessons with Sister KimNa this week and she was baptized! She kept talking about the spirit she's felt and it's been so cool to meet with her and see her progress. Every time we taught, she said she'd already felt like the Church should believe that/be like that and through that she's found peace. I've truly been able to see the peace, happiness, and pure joy that comes from the gospel!  We were so excited for all the ward support she got and we even got a phone call on Saturday afternoon from the member that referred her asking if we could participate in a musical number with her. We're excited to see her keep growing.

Also we got transfer calls and I will be staying with Sister Morgan and also Sister Pari will be coming, who I was in the MTC with. Always keeping it exciting. This is a work of happiness and God's work! I know it's true!


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Sunday, April 22, 2018

Can I get baptized this week?

This has been a good week of missionary week!

We had a small issue come up this week when Sister KimNa called us and asked if she could be baptized this week--something came up where she might have had to leave after her baptism and she didn't want to wait to get the gift of the Holy Ghost. We figured it out though. She no longer has to go and she had her baptismal interview yesterday so she's all ready and excited to be baptized next week and we're so excited for her. She fits in with the members and is so grateful that she's found a place where others believe what she believes. 

We also had a meal with a member who, unbeknownst to us, brought her friend along. We were just eating and then she started bearing her testimony about her good experiences in the Church and how much it had blessed her life. It was so cool! Her friend is Christian and the member worries that she doesn't see a need to change but she really seemed to like when we shared our scripture and we're hoping to keep working with her.

We also met a new friend, 은옥s this week! We met her last week on the street and she has a friend that's a member. We got to know a little bit more about her and introduced our English program to her. She actually attends the largest church in Korea but she seemed pretty open to talking about what we believe and her English is super good! We weren't able to set up another appointment because the worker at the cafe kicked us out a little bit early, but she was excited to meet again.

Lately I've just been thinking about how much I love missionary work! This truly is the happiest work there is and I would recommend you read President Nelson's talk, Joy and Spiritual Survival. I've been studying it this past week and it's so good!


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And some fun pictures from our P-Day activity with Pres. and Sis. Turner:

Sunday, April 15, 2018

True doctrine, understood

The time seems to just be flying by! We met Sister KimNa and were able to have a great lesson with some other members. She continues to prepare for baptism and every time we teach her, she says something like, "That's how I thought it was." It truly is making contact with the light of Christ and we can see that she's not learning, she's just remembering. She's progressing so well and even shared an experience where she was able to share about the Gospel with her friends.

Sister Oldroyd and I saw a lot of miracles on exchanges, but maybe the biggest miracle was at a zone proselytizing activity where we were walking down the street and started a conversation with the person next to us. She happened to attend church and started talking about how we both believe the same Bible so we also introduced her to the Book of Mormon. As soon as she understood what we were holding, she said, "Give me your number. We're meeting again to talk about this book" When she truly understood the truth contained in the Book of Mormon, she was determined to read it so we're excited to hear what happens with her since she's not in our area.

This last week we were also able to finish watching Conference and as such, I've spent a good part of the week reviewing my notes. Despite all we learn, if we don't internalize and improve, it doesn't benefit us anything. So many things in the Gospel are so good, but they all require action, so don't forget to set goals and make plans!


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Sunday, April 8, 2018

So, so good!

This week has been so, so busy, but so, so good!

Happy Easter!
We met our investigator, Sister KimNa and she is the most golden investigator I've ever met. We were able to finish teaching the Plan of Salvation and when we invited her to be baptized, there was no question or thought for her-- she'd already decided to be baptized and when we began to talk about a date she said, "Sooner's better, right?" She already has so many friends in the ward, asks us how to be an example in all that we do, and loved conference!

Me, Sister KimNa, Sister Morgan
Last week on the subway, I met a man from Pakistan, talked to him for a bit, and invited him to church. I didn't think a lot about it but Sunday morning he texted us and came to General Conference and was able to talk with the Elders. Through simple invitations, we can see miracles.

이명자s Sister Lee MyeongJa
We also had the opportunity to listen to conference this week and it was so good! I hope everyone had the chance to listen to it and if not I would encourage you to go back and listen to it. Because Sister KimNa came, we actually watched one session in Korean so we're going to go back and study that one again. I know that conference truly is a time of revelation and you will receive answers to any questions that you ask. Having a living prophet is one of the greatest blessings of the restored gospel!

Happy Easter!


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