Sunday, July 23, 2017

The Rogue Transfer Call.

This last week was CRAZY. At the end of a transfer, we get calls on Saturday night and then we have until Wednesday morning when we met together and switch companions. As of Saturday (And when I emailed) I was staying in Gangnam with Sister Eversole. However, Tuesday morning at 9:00 we got a phone call from the AP's that our transfer call had switched and Sister Eversole was now going to Gimpo and Sister Hawkins (who was originally go
Our last day as companions
ing to Gimpo) was now coming to Gangnam. Which meant she had 24 hours to pack up all of her stuff and until we were no longer companions. Madness. And it was also Sister Eversole's birthday.
Walking down GangnamRo
However, it's great to be companions with Sister Hawkins and I'm excited to learn from her this next transfer! The Lord really does have a place for all of us even if we have to change our plans to match his.

"Helping" Sister Eversole pack
This week's been crazy but I'm excited to find out why Sister Hawkins is supposed to be here!


토블러 자매
This was how we thought it would be.

This is how we ended up.

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