Sunday, July 30, 2017


안녕하세요 여러분!

This has been a great week and we're finally being able to set appointments with people! On Tuesday (which was super hot here), we planned 6 hours of 전도! We felt a little crazy but it ended up being super awesome and we met someone that we even met with!  We're not 100% sure why she wanted to meet with us because she seemed a little uncomfortable talking about religion, but she wants to meet again with her friend! We also introduced our 30/30 program to 2 people that have been attending English class so we're going to start that with both of them this week!
The Mac and Cheese was delicious. And we accidentally twinned.
When we got here, we had a huge list of LA address that we've been trying to confirm. This week we were also able to find one address that was actually right and got to share a message with her!
P-Day in Chinatown

Yesterday I was reading Helaman 5:12 and I forgot what a good verse that is. We were able to share it with some ward
members and talk about how we can build a sure foundation in Christ. It's definitely the small and simple things done over and over again that help  you to be anchored in Christ when temptations come.


토블러 자매

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