Sunday, August 6, 2017

기적들!! (Miracles!!)

This week we saw so many miracles! The Lord is preparing people in Gangnam! We were able to teach our investigator 진유림 (JinYooRim) and we got to talk a lot about God and prayer. She was able to remember an experience with prayer when she was little! God really does answer our prayers no matter our age.

We also got 4 new investigators last week!!!! While on exchanges, we got a call from the Elders that someone had called off the banner at the church and wanted to learn English right then. A lot of miracles had combined into us being at the subway station where we were so that we were able to get the the church in 15 minutes instead of the normal 45 minutes from our house. During those 15 minutes, she also invited her friend! So we were able to introduce the 30/30 program and set up 2 appointments!!

At the exact same time in 노량진(Noryangjin), Sister Hawkins got to teach someone that the STL's had found that actually lives in Gangnam so they simultaneously referred her over to us and her boyfriend came too! He was super interested in the Book of Mormon so we'll get to introduce that this week to them!

Our last miracle of the week was Tina! The Elders originally started teaching Tina last transfer, referred her over to us, we met her a couple of times, and she stopped answering. We were super disappointed because she had so much real intent and desire to know. On Saturday though, the Elders got a call from her that she had lost her phone and all her contacts and had somehow found the Elders phone number written down somewhere. So the Elders called us and we are now going to start meeting with her again!

It's been a great week and I know it's the Lord's work, not ours!

Have a great week! 사랑해요!

토블러 자매

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