Sunday, June 4, 2017

Goodbye, Ansan!

This week are transfers and I'm leaving Ansan! 이수기s is staying in Ansan and training again and I'm heading to 강남 to open again! For those that can't read Korean, that's Gangnam, home of "Gangnam Style" Super excited and a little nervous but it'll be great!
Me, 이금희s 박재항s 안소민s
Last P-day we went to Daebudo with our zone and a RC (recent convert). She is the best member missionary. On the way, she just started talking to random people so we were able to give out a Book of Mormon and talk to a few people about why so many of us foreigners are here in Korea.

Glass floor from 25 stories up
Our Chinese investigator who we originally started to do the 30/30 Program with is progressing! 이수기s asked me to lead the lesson this last week and it went super well! She learns really slowly but that's okay because she didn't even know who God was when we started. Every time we meet, we ask her to pray and this week we got a text that was her prayer she'd typed out. So cute.
Yulia Shin. She's from Russia but is Korean
I also finished my 12 weeks of training this week so I am no longer a greenie!

사랑해요! (I love you!)

토블러 자매
Our hats from 최오복s

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